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What Online Can Marketing Do For You

climb-ladderOnline marketing is a combination of efforts utilizing the tools available in many forms online, such as:

  • Your own branded website
  • Topic specific websites for lead-generation
  • LinkedIn for Professional Networking
  • Google+, Twitter, facebook, and other social media profiles
  • plus much more, time, budget, and strategy not-withstanding.

The OMC Social Difference

At OMC Social we look at your business, your goals, budget and current skill levels. Once an assessment has taken place, a strategy can take shape and the direction for your business online marketing efforts will unfold naturally.

We strive to avoid tactics and strategies online that employ, what are called, “black hat” tactics. Our clients are looking at long-term strategies that will benefit the overall growth and development of their business. Our natural methods using best-practices will ensure your ranking will increase and your online marketing dollars are invested wisely.

Expected Outcomes


  • traffic (site visitors)
  • lead-generation
  • footprint (online visibility)
  • sales
  • network size (fans, followers, influencers, etc.)


  • marketing on regular schedule
  • customer communication and message
  • timely ability to respond to customer feedback


  • where is your audience
  • who is following you
  • what are their interests
  • how you can engage them
  • what has impacted them the most (re: your communications)
  • where do they go more often
  • why

Leave a comment if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Often one of us has the answer in the networks that have been developed.