WordPress 101

I teach you. Coaching and coaxing I guide you through a process that empowers you to learn and build your site with WordPress.


Training and Coaching

A natural trainer / teacher, this is where people receive there best value working with me.

You want to:

  • learn about the web and the tools you need to use.
  • build your own website or be involved in building it.
  • create and develop your own social media profiles.
  • understand how it all works together and how to put it together.
  • understand the overall strategy and the steps to manage it effectively.
  • have support as you go along.


Too often people ask for something without really knowing all the available options. They’ve heard and read a lot about a website or facebook or Twitter and haven’t experienced the success they sought.

The assessment reviews all the current online assets you have developed to date. Upon careful review, the educational process can begin and a refinement process can take place with your overall strategy.


Prerequisite: Assessment
Armed with the knowledge of your business, goals, assets, and budget, a strategy is developed that can be followed as a road-map by the client. The client can then contract services or support for ongoing maintenance with regard to the overall strategy.

Social Media

Prerequisite: Assessment
One is easy, managing many is impossible. What is the right mix?

At OMC Social Media Promotions we do have our favorites. At the same time, we also recognize that different industries need a different answer.

Understanding your industry and audience, we work with the client to develop the appropriate social media spaces and get their presence online. Options exist to have us help with the choices, setting them up on your behalf, and managing them going forward.

Website Design

Prerequisite: Assessment

The Hosting Platform

At OMC Social Media Promotions we do have our favorites. Again, we look at your business goals and requirements and recommend a solution for your hosting platform before we even begin design. The hosting platform is the necessary component that you will build your online profile and manage the online portion of your business. To what extent does this entail?

The Design

With this answered, we proceed with outsourcing your project to one of our contract designers who will design three mockups based upon the criteria you provide. Once the design is singled out, the client can make up to three revisions for final tweaks before we start coding the design to the website hosting platform.


Once the coding and development of the site have been completed, payment must be finalized and the site will go live on your brand-specific domain. OMC Social does provide hosting services but recommends a self-hosted solution and will provide support and service with setting up your hosting provider.

Once installed and online, the client will have up to 5 hours of free support each month for a maximum of three months. After that, all support calls are billed at our regular hourly rate.

Our Portfolio

Visit our Portfolio page to see some examples of sites we have done in the past. Email us to ask for a list of our current and more recent projects that may not be on display. Often, with time and experience, we get better and better. 🙂

Contact Us

Simply contact us by email or telephone to inquire further about our rates and services. If you’ve left a message, we will strive to get back to you the same day, or the next business day.