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I began working with technology in the mid-eighties. It wasn’t long before I was online accessing the Internet, commonly coined the FreeNet in those days. We dialed up with modems using our telephone lines. There were no restrictions other than the fact we couldn’t make or receive telephone calls. So much has changed with technology since those days.

Now that the Internet has more than proved its staying power and economic opportunities, the communication giants are muscling their way into this economic opportunity in a way that is intended to manage and control the distribution of information online. Putting metering upon current Internet plans that rake in more cash for higher bandwidth use; and you can be sure that the biggest win will be for big-business, more than it will for our countries backbone: Small business, the entrepreneur, and the artists.

While this contentious issue is being evaluated by the Canadian government, now is the time to speak up and be heard. SIGN THE PETITION below and say NO to metering our usage. So much of the innovation we see and enjoy is because of equal access.


For more information, visit OpenMedia.ca