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A Website’s Business Purpose vs. Client Purpose

Purpose: This is the single most important consideration to being laser-focused on your research to get the results you desire.
When thinking about Purpose, most often we think about our own sense of purpose, dreams, and desires related to the business we are creating. Too caught up on this singular point-of-view, however, can and usually does interfere with reaching your market.

Creating any business, the end-goal is to create business relationships that will become customers who pay, stay, and refer. The only way you will achieve this is by putting your focus upon the customer and serving their needs.

The Client’s Purpose

When any of us jump on the Internet to seek out information, we have a purpose driving our quest. This could consist of:

  • gaining knowledge
  • accessing services
  • exploring solutions
  • entertainment
  • answering questions
  • and buying products

When we endeavour to “search” online for what we’re looking for, it is typically very rare that we search for the item by name. We usually will search based upon the outcome we desire.

Get Help: Often this perspective shift is difficult to explore alone. You can attain better results establishing the best viewpoint through brainstorming with someone. You can use the help of an Internet Marketer, a Business/Career Coach, or through a Mastermind group.


Geography: The Good Life Vancouver

This site is a food and lifestyle blog created and maintained by a Vancouver wine representative. With the geographic place-name, Vancouver, in the domain name, her website gains immediate traction in search results for her local market.

Product Name: i2i Eyewear

This eyewear wholesaler ships product to optometry shops across Canada. With the keyword in the domain name, the ranking factor of the keyword, and the repetition throughout the website’s content (web-pages, blog, products), there is a dramatic improvement for being found via search.

Solutions: Internet Tools Startup

Understanding what people search for, keywords strategically chosen aid search to bring your website to the top of search results; more so when accompanied with a content development strategy. (at time of writing, this site is just under development)

To learn more about a Content Development Strategy, contact OMC Social Media Solutions.

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